10 Hot Twitter Chats For Social Media Marketers

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10 Hot Twitter Chats For Social Media Marketers

As a social media marketing professional or even a business owner taking the DIY promotion route, getting involved with the community and learning from other marketers can be essential.

Twitter chats are frequently held using their respective hashtags, allowing you to join in the discussion and pick up a few helpful tips along the way. Here are ten of the best Twitter chats for social media marketers!

1. #BufferChat

Buffer Chat (hosted by Buffer) covers a variety of social media and digital marketing topics, resulting in varied conversations relating to the world of online marketing. There’s usually a Q&A too! Check it out on Wednesdays at 9 am PST.

2. #ContentChat

Content Chat focuses specifically on the latest trends in online content marketing, giving those who partake an insight into up and coming developments. The chat takes place each Monday at 12 pm PST.

3. #SocialChat

Social Chat, hosted by Michelle Stinson Ross and Alan K’necht is an excellent choice for social media marketing pros looking to up their game. You can join in the conversation at 6 pm PST every Monday.

4. #InsiderChat

Insider Chat is a great choice for those new to social media marketing as it covers a lot of basic marketing tips, branding advice and the opportunity to have your questions answered by host Brian Honigman. The chat is hosted at 10 am PST on the last Wednesday of each month.

5. #SproutChat

Sprout Chat isn’t limited to specific topics. It covers a whole range of aspects relating to social media marketing that you could add to your strategy or improve on. Sprout Chat takes place at 12 pm PST every Wednesday.

6. #HootChat

Most social media marketers will be familiar with HootSuite, so why not take part in their dedicated chat? You’ll find sure fire ways to get results by boosting your social media strategy at 12 pm PST each Thursday.

7. #CoChat

Content is an integral part of social media marketing, so it’s important to know your stuff. Co Chat encompasses all the tips and tricks you need to make the most of your strategy. Check in at 1 pm PST on Thursdays!

8. #AtomicChat

Hosted by Atomic Reach, Atomic Chat provides positive motivation and excellent tips on marketing your content and building an online community effectively. You can take part at 6 pm PST every Monday.

9. #GetRealChat

Get Real Chat doesn’t just focus on the positives – instead taking a ‘real’ approach to social media topics that get you thinking. You’ll also receive plenty of encouragement, making it a great chat to take part in if you’re in need of some motivation. Join in at 6 pm PST every Tuesday.

10. #SbizHour

S Biz Hour is an opportunity for in-depth Q& A style chats that can help you learn more about what social media can do for your business. With a new topic each week, there’s always a chance to learn something new. Take part each Monday at 1 pm PST.

Whichever of these chats you choose to take part in, it’s a sure fire way to learn some helpful tips that can help you in your social media strategy.

Do you take part in any of these Twitter chats? If not, will you be joining them in the future? Tell us about your experiences!

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