5 New Facebook Features And How They Can Benefit You

Facebook Features

5 New Facebook Features And How They Can Benefit You

Facebook is ever-evolving and constantly introducing new features, such as edits to its interface, video chat options or the new ‘Like’ system. Some of its most recent additions, though, could be even more beneficial to social media marketers who use Facebook for business, rather than the average user.

Keeping track of the latest accomplishments and changes within the world of Facebook will help you stay one step ahead of the game while marketing your product or service. You’ll be able to utilize each feature to its full potential and boost your page’s social engagement, leading to higher traffic and potential sales or profit.

So, what are the latest offerings from the social geniuses at Facebook? Let’s take a look.

Market multiple products at once

Previously, Facebook ads featured one image, a headline and a description. Each of the ads had its own specific link, taking users directly to the advertised product or service.

Now, however, marketers have the ability to create a single advert that features multiple products, also known as carousel ads. The products will rotate, each featuring their own title, image and link, yet with the convenience of only setting the ad up once, rather than repeating the process for each individual product. It’s easy to create a multi-product ad using the Facebook Power Editor. Simply add the images, descriptions and product URLs to the form and the ad will be put together instantly. Try playing with the ad over time, altering the images or number of products to determine which combination works best for your conversion rate.

Make your videos prominent

In September 2014, Facebook reached over 1 billion video views per day, proving just how relevant video content is in today’s world of social media. Now, when you upload video content to your business page, you can select the option to feature it. This means that a video of your choice will be prominently displayed when visitors select your ‘Videos’ tab.

All you need to do is click on the tab, and then select ‘Add Featured Video’. Simple!

Create a playlist of your videos

While on the topic of videos, you may be glad to know that your uploaded videos can now be combined, allowing them to be viewed in a simple playlist for the convenience of your visitors.

This is especially convenient if you offer varying products or services as you’ll be able to group videos that relate to each one.

Again, simply visit the ‘Videos’ tab and select ‘Create Playlist’.

Customize your remarketing audiences

Custom audiences are not a new concept within social media marketing. However, Facebook now allows advanced customization when remarketing content to each audience.

It’s now easy to alter your marketing settings to target people visiting certain pages but not others, meaning your content will be directly aimed at those with a proven history of interest in that topic. You’ll also be able to use these new remarking tools to re-attract visitors who visited your product’s landing page but didn’t follow through with the purchase, encouraging them to return.

Show off your product range with dynamic ads

Dynamic ads are available through the Facebook API and will allow you to show off your whole product catalog on any device. Items are specifically shown to users based on the products they’ve previously viewed on your website or app.

It also allows the use of lookalike audiences, which enable the ad to be shown to users with similar profiles to those who viewed your products, expanding your overall reach. As like any new features, it’s worth testing out these additions to determine whether they work for you. If so, there’s no reason not to incorporate them in your social media marketing campaigns.

Have you tried any of these options yet? How did they work for you?

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