How To Use LinkedIn Effectively For Social Media Marketing

How To Use LinkedIn Effectively For Social Media Marketing

Social media is an inevitable part of our lives these days. Everything you want to see and everyone you want to connect with is just a click away.

Every old or new business can leverage social media to yield positive outcomes for their ventures. LinkedIn is one such active medium dedicated to professional outreach. 

Today, we are trying to emphasise on the use of LinkedIn as an efficient way for social media marketing!

Create a LinkedIn profile to increase visibility.

LinkedIn is no longer a place known only for recruitment. It is an excellent platform for building professional connections. India lies second in the top five countries which widely use LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, you can expand your professional avenues and reach out to several individuals or companies to promote your venture.

For this, you first need to create a personal LinkedIn profile and fill in all the details which are necessary. List down all the specialties and services which your firm has to offer.

For increasing your reach, post regular updates and publish posts via the LinkedIn Publisher platform. By increasing your visibility, you get a chance to introduce your business to over 30 million registered users in India and over 467 million global users of LinkedIn.

Get more followers on LinkedIn.

  • Ensure that your personal or company profile has a profile picture of yours or your company logo, as chances of prospects clicking on a profile with a profile picture are 36% more than the ones without a picture.
  • Use Linkedin Sponsored Updates feature.
  • Involve your colleagues and employees in your company profile so that people connected to them will also come to know about you. 
  • Give a link to your Linkedin profile on your company website.
  • Add audiovisual content like photographs, videos, infographics, speaker videos, previous work samples, etc. to grab attention.

Build a relationship with your connections.

Linkedin Personal Messaging feature enables you to build one to one relationship with your connections. You can also mention them in your comments, tag them in your posts and reach out to them via the messaging. This enhances your professional ties as people feel that they are well heard and received. 

Follow and create groups.

LinkedIn professional groups are the best way to mark and target a specific audience. Many professionals from all the spheres make groups on Linkedin and carry out related discussions.

Taking advantage of this feature, you can create a group related to your business domain and follow a few which are already popular. Through such groups, you will reach the people who are already interested in your area of work and who are willing to build connections too. However, remember that merely creating a group is not enough. You must keep it updated and ensure that new, interested connections are joining your group.

Do not create a LinkedIn profile which looks like a resume.

While creating a LinkedIn profile, make sure that it does not look like a resume. Instead, let people know more about your goal and what kind of services you offer. It will not only get you more connections but will surely help in converting those connections into customers.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn is a platform which can help you expand your business in your country as well as at the international level. 

So what are you waiting for? Create and update your Linkedin profile today and connect with all the prospective clients out there. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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