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“Hotel customers not only get attracted by how impressive services and products you offer, but how greatly you showcase these to them at first.”

These are the words of the world’s one of the top hotel business brands Marriott International’s CEO.

2020 Best Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

Heck! This line by the Marriott International’s CEO is the real thing. This is the real stuff for any accommodation service providers in the beginning of this new decade.

Are you one of those excited and ambitious hotel business owners who wish to utilize digital marketing for hotels and get flooded with customers?

Who doesn’t want customers and money flowing their way, right?

Importance of Digital Marketing Tactics for Hotel Industry in 2020

Well-organized marketing strategies always play a noteworthy part in dramatic variations in all the industries including hotel digital marketing.

By investing in effective hotel digital marketing, a business can concentrate more on the brand, product, and services and also network better with the potential clients.

Due to the overview of digital transformation, clients prefer to develop deep and reliable connections than having expedient experiences when it comes to procurement.

Hotel Industry is one of the most customer engaging and traveler pleasing industries. Connecting with your modern travelers is of the utmost priority. The data shows that average millennial spends more than five hours per day on social media. Leaving the best impression possible on your audience is a key to any hotel business to convert the travelers into revenue. In an increasingly expanding hotel market, standing out and staying ahead of others is crucial.

How to do this now?

The best way to stay updated and relevant with the best practices for digital marketing for hotels is to create a strong and sustainable online marketing strategy.

Here in the Best Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies For 2020

1. Hotel Email Marketing

To involve your potential target audience in the direction of your hotel digital marketing, it is important to make and direct highly customized emails to progress towards better client communications.

Having a stupendously crafted, thoughtfully & beautifully worded and visually strong appealing emails or eNewsletters is a great path to increase sales from existing and potential travelers.

Surprising your modern travelers with the latest news, upcoming events, etc. can help leverage great results from your email marketing strategy.

How We Do It For You:

Our platform uses social profiles and website data to direct digital communication for sudden rendezvous when target audiences are most observant. Our email newsletter automation plan often leads to a reduction in the sales time cycle totaling brownie points to your services for the users.

We also make use of a collection of pre-built templates to make well-organized email campaigns sooner.

We ensure that your clients acquire only what they request for in the form of transactional emails including password reset, receipt and order confirmation emails.

We track a very sturdy algorithm that organizes user preference so that the specific ad campaigns are noticeable only to users with a specific campaign link.

2. SEO Traffic Management

SEO tactics are beneficial for any business that aims at achieving a good position in the competitive market.

The phase that an individual must follow nowadays when it comes to choosing hotel digital marketing is that he or she must first undertake thorough research online.

It is dynamic for any hotel service platform to progress faithfulness and trust to create peace of mind when it comes to facilities and products of the business.

For example, if you run a hotel business in Miami and someone searches for ‘Hotels in Miami’ your hotel will be easier to find on Google due to SEO traffic management.

To maximize your hotel travelers base, you gotta find a way to get to the top of the rankings.

Maximizing the local SEO makes your hotel more visible to potential modern travelers, giving you more brand awareness in many ways.

How We Help In This:

The SEO team of Socinova operates to audit your website and polish the purposes so that the website meets the Google details and is positive in being positioned first on search engines.

3. User & Mobile-Friendly Website Improvement

A company’s website always acts as a marketing asset that requires to be perfect if you desire to accomplish handsome sales for your hotel services.

How We Create It For You:

We at Socinova, project your website in a mobile-optimized manner so that the users can see it improved, fully optimized and coded.

We design your website in such a way that all your hotel service clients can effortlessly use your facilities.

We publish the website as per your requirements with a draft proposal in just a matter of 30 days period.

Since the website always acts as the No. 1 sales and marketing tool for you, we ensure that we use the most persuasive SEO methods for lead generation.

4. Google Ads Platform

One of the finest means to obtain potential customers for your hotel digital marketing successfully is by dealing with Pay Per Click (PPC) and using publicity via Google Ads.

How We Give Our Best For You:

We at Socinova dedicate a lot of time and effort in this activity so that you don’t have to do anything and simply achieve the best results for your services.

We make sure that the PPC campaigns are precisely arranged with the detailed keywords and well-developed ads so that it gets the looked-for target audience’s focus.

We continuously monitor and polish your Google Ads so that they operate with maximum competence.

5. Social Media Presence

No one will ever be aware of your actions if you do not have an active social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google My Business, etc. are a big part of people’s lives today.

Modern travelers are among the topmost users of social media. Social Media has changed the face of millions in many ways.

The launch of WhatsApp Ads is going to change digital marketing arena in a dramatic manner in the coming days.

How We Raise Your Social Media Presence:

We at Socinova make sure that your hotel services achieve the accurate target audience’s attention by providing inspiring and educational content.

We operate with Ad specialists who function with Facebook ads to inspire a direct audience to your website. Maintaining an actual social media presence is sure to lead towards more adaptations and leads for your business.

6. Content Creation

Most hotel service platforms introduce content blogs here and there thinking that it would fetch them their potential target audience effortlessly. However, this is clearly not the precise way to do it.

It is very noteworthy for a hotel digital marketing platform to create a content marketing plan with a marketing company to get the finest results in the market.

How We Create Great Content For You:

We at Socinova generate educational and engaging content for your spectators in plain language so that they can easily understand the services you are ready to offer.

We offer your business the chance to create a response to all client questions to empower them to be better buyers in the hotel area.

Ignoring the influence of online word-of-mouth is no longer a choice you would like to skip and that is why connecting with digital marketing companies is the best call.

7. Hotel Brand Imagery

It is important to have high quality brand images throughout all web, email, social and travel sites that capture the heartbeats of the travelers.

These are the exciting times where great photography, video and drone footage are more affordable than ever.

Modern travelers love to be entertained so it is paramount to share the hotel pics through all the possible mediums.

How We Make Pics Turn Into Money For You:

Socinova graphic design team takes care of everything needed to attract the tourists by our magnificent pics pool. Our strong and highly updated qualitative pics storage data is sufficient to roam on any digital platform for you.

8. Benefits of Video in your Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy

After the photos, an effective way to give your hotel customers a visual representation of your hotel in its truest form is by using videos and sharing them on various relevant digital platforms.

“According to Wyndham Hotel Group, 75% of internet users prefer to watch a video than to read the same content in text format. Moreover, videos encourage social media shares in many ways, in fact, around 80% of social media users would share a video if it was entertaining.”

Being able to see your hotel in a video definitely gives customers more confidence to book a stay at your hotel.

How Our Video Creators Make Your Hotel Turn Viewers Into Customers:

Socinova Video Creators do not make only qualitative visual content but they also make sure the videos win the hearts of your hotel travelers.

They create videos based on your hotel’s history, food richness, hospitality service, delightful structure of your hotel, etc. to name a few.

Wondering what you should expect?

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Hotel Business Owners

Digital Marketing for hotel services is not an informal job, but is something that has to be done by businesses to achieve a better market position than competitors.
The advantages of hotel digital marketing services are numerous and varied. There are numerous reasons why digital marketing is a must for hospitality service companies including:

  • Becomes more visible to potential guests
  • Increase the number of hotel bookings
  • Progress faithfulness and trust within hotel service clients
  • Streamline information analysis which is a priceless resource
  • Benefits in refining client experience
  • It empowers you to keep track of your competitors in the market
  • Helps in monitoring potential customer reviews
  • Stronger online presence to get more customers
  • Focused marketing approach
  • Stronger brand to advertise to wider clients

To create an effective marketing strategy with the help of efficient channels, Socinova offers a range of professional experts who are fully equipped with actionable resources along with the latest digital technologies and strategies available.

We promise to create a well-built website for your hotel, a fully functioning blog and educational articles which would help you in engaging with your potential clients and effortlessly develop your brand in the competitive market.

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Why should you use our Hotel Digital Marketing Services in 2020?

Being in the hotel business would surely encourage you to make efforts to engage in more hotel room bookings.

The focus of the majority of the hotels is to advance the number of booked hotel rooms on a constant scale.

Hotel Digital Marketing strategies help in accomplishing that. Partner with us at Socinova, where we promise to take care of your hotel digital marketing concerns. Work with us so that your hotel services can be more visible and achieve more bookings every day.

Present your hotel services in a unique manner!
For Socinova, customer achievement is always of importance and that is why we follow convinced methods to advantage the clients in the hotel industry.

Use our experience to your advantage!
We empower our clients to increase their understanding of best hotel digital marketing practices with the help of education and certification courses.

We have adequate experience in the field and have worked with big brands so that we can offer more and more with time.

Our level of personalization is excellent!
Businesses always prefer to partner with others whom they can trust when it comes to the topic of their costs, and that is the reason we customize our services that empower you to make a better relationship with us.

We’re updated with the latest market trends!
The hotel industry is always running and changing and so are the digital marketing tactics.
New trends emerge all the time, and that is why our team at Socinova stays ready to search for new trends and accurately analyze what can help you grow.

The final goal of all the digital marketing methods is to improve the experience that your clients attain from the brand services you offer to them.

We ensure that you achieve the opportunity to use our digital marketing services for hotels so that you can streamline your communication channels with your clients and it becomes easier for you to reach them.

Why Choose Us?

We at Socinova offer Hotel Digital Marketing solutions to your business so that you understand that your customers are being perceived and respected across the brand’s network and experience a life-enriching performance.

For the Hotel Digital Marketing sector, Socinova proposals numerous well-organized facilities for marketing which is mostly about instructions, data, and preservation.

We ensure that the services that we offer fit flawlessly with the rules, morals, and guidelines that oversee the hotel digital marketing sector.

Nevertheless, we at Socinova have professional experts who have satisfactory experience in working for the hotel industry.

We are committed to affordable pricing without leaving no qualitative stone unturned.

What are you waiting for? Check our pricing today!

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Socinova is an excellent company. We’ve worked with them for over a year now and they have been very professional and their creative ads have generated our company hundreds of leads!!
I’ve been working with Socinova for only a few months now but have seen an increase in social media followers, likes, comments and most important…leads! They are highly responsive, professional and affordable. I highly recommend them!
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