Social Media Marketing for Jewelers

User experience is one of the most crucial components of an effective social media marketing strategy. It will determine the success of your brand and your business’ performance in today’s competitive business world. Social media has given people a new, innovative way to promote their brands to hundreds of thousands of people, both locally and globally. 

The US jewelry market is expected to be worth $61.868 billion by 2026. The figure shows how fast the industry is growing and how it is expected to shape the global demand. Social media, specifically, has transformed the way we used to promote our businesses. Startups that primarily focus on local buyers now have a platform to expand their business on a global scale and reach out to millions of people. Social media gives you full control over setting up your business. You have complete freedom to give your brand identity and a look that can set you apart from your competitors. 

Instagram alone has 1.22 billion users getting active on this social media every month. That means a lot of eyeballs. According to Statista, 49.3 of this population is female. For a jewelry business, that’s a lot of potential customers. There’s a good reason for this growing popularity of social media, especially among local and global businesses. It gives you detailed insights into your target audiences’ needs and a clear picture of what they are looking for. 

Before we discuss the reasons you should promote your jewelry business on social media, let’s check out a few interesting statistics about social platforms.

  • 68% of marketing companies collaborate with social media influencers to build brand awareness and reach more customers.
  • 84% of businesses target millennials.
  • 70% of digital marketing companies run Facebook ads, and as per the third quarter of 2021, Facebook reported 10 million advertisers on the platform.

How Can Social Marketing Help Your Jewelry Business?

People follow many jewelry pages on Instagram. Not only to check the latest trends in the jewelry industry, but people follow jewelry companies to buy the latest pieces. Personalized jewelry has especially become people’s favorite. If it still doesn’t sound convincing, here are more reasons why every jeweler must use social media marketing.

Bring Traffic to Your Website

As much as half the traffic a jewelry website receives comes from social media. It’s indeed one of the most powerful marketing tools for both startups and established companies. The best part is you don’t have to pay a single dime to grow your audience on Instagram or Facebook. Just post high-quality content that your audience can relate to, be consistent, and interact with your prospects. These simple steps can build your follower base. 

Most businesses use social media to drive traffic to their websites. The jewelry business is not an exception. You can post your website link in the Instagram bio and ask your audience to check out the latest jewelry designs or a special offer from the link.

Get More Shares

If you have turned on the business statistics on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you will be surprised to see how many people share your content with others. You can track the number of times a post has been shared across different platforms. This will give you a better idea of which content is performing well and what your audience likes to see on your page. Good pictures and engaging content will get plenty of shares. Basically, social media supports word-of-mouth marketing. Your audience finds a stunning bracelet at a reasonable price, and they share it with family and friends.

Increase Your Jewelry Sales

Most people will check jewelry posts on your Instagram page, save them, and take note of your jewelry store address. That’s how they find your land-based store. Others get referrals for specific bracelets or necklaces and buy them immediately from your websites. Either way, social media has shown to boost your sales significantly. You have to spend less time convincing people to buy your latest piece. Just run a jewelry ad campaign, and you will start receiving texts from your potential customers. 

Perfect Way to Build Audience Engagement

Social media users know how easy it is to interact with their audience and build engagement. You post the latest jewelry pictures from your store and start getting likes, comments, and DMs. People will ask about the price, shipping policy, more pictures, different sizes, etc. Once they are satisfied, they will buy their favorite jewelry piece. That’s how it works. 

There’s a good chance these people will become your loyal customers and recommend your store to others looking for branded and premium jewelry pieces. Social media gives jewelers an opportunity to connect with people on a personal level. Reply to their comments, answer their jewelry-related queries in your DM, and share your contact details for support. These few things will go a long way in building a loyal customer base for your company.

Build a Loyal Following

People don’t buy jewelry from a random store. Unlike other products, jewelry holds a sentimental value for the buyer, especially those buying it as a gift for their dear ones. For example, someone looking for a diamond engagement ring will most likely buy it from a family jeweler or a trusted jewelry company. 

Social media helps you build this kind of loyalty. Once you have convinced a buyer to shop from your store, they will return to shop again. They will also bring new customers to your store. By posting consistently, you will build audience engagement, which in turn, drives more customers to your business. 

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Best Social Media Channels for a Jewelry Store

Whether you are starting with a new jewelry business idea or expanding your existing retail store, social media is a good place to start. But which social media channels will drive the most sales? Before you choose social sites, it’s important to conduct market research. You must know where your target audience is based, which channels they use the most, and which social media site has the highest success rate for jewelry businesses. Below we have mentioned the most commonly used social sites for jewelers.


Facebook has approx 3 billion active users’ accounts, giving businesses a golden opportunity to get their jewelry products in front of a large audience. Facebook has an extensive range of marketing tools, including the analytics function that allows you to get insights into your post’s performance. There is also a direct shop option that enables your audience to buy directly from your Facebook page. You can also get insights into your ad performance by simply tracking the metrics. If you don’t know where to start, we are here to help. Socinova can help you with brand promotion on Facebook. 


The world’s second-largest search engine offers another great opportunity for jewelry stores looking to expand their business internationally. Simple videos, such as influencers testing your jewelry or trying the latest necklaces, can give your sales a boost. From product reviews to creating engaging videos in a storytelling format, we can do it all. 


Around one-third of Instagram users are likely to purchase products from an Insta ad. For those looking to build brand awareness for their fashion and jewelry business, tap into Instagram’s market, find your target audience, and build user engagement by posting high-quality pictures and reels. 

You can use hashtags, run Instagram-sponsored ads, and message your customers to learn more about your audiences’ demographics. Instagram also allows you to select the audience type, age, gender, and location you’d like to target. Socinova starts your jewelry marketing campaigns with Instagram. We believe that Instagram is one of the most visually appealing and customer-centric marketing tools. If used correctly, it has the potential to grow your business globally within weeks. 

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Grow Your Jewelry Business with the Right Social Media Marketing Strategy

Just choosing the right social media channel won’t do. You must get your digital marketing strategy right if you have long-term plans. For a jewelry business, the goal is not limited to selling a couple of products. As mentioned before, someone buying from your store can become your loyal customer. You just need to nurture your leads and offer excellent after-sale services. Here are a few tips that may help.

1. Define Your Brand

Your profile picture, bio, and feed are a few important things that will leave the first impression on your audience. If you can’t get these right, your follower count won’t increase. Besides, you have bigger goals than getting a few followers. A successful jewelry brand has a loyal customer base and a high conversion rate. To achieve that, you must focus on your brand identity. How your customers perceive your brand matters the most here. Socinova can help you build a jewelry brand that will drive the attention of your target audience and get them to hit the “follow” button. Here’s what we offer:

  • A professional-looking, clean, and customized business logo 
  • A perfect theme for your Instagram or Facebook feed
  • A mobile-optimized website
  • Ecommerce shop and landing pages
  • Social media marketing strategy 

We give your jewelry brand a strong virtual presence on the best social sites.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to an effective social media marketing strategy. Consistency doesn’t only mean you should post more visual content, but you should build consistency in terms of customer interaction. To your audience, your response time and customer support services matter a lot. 

How quickly you reply to their messages and how well you resolve their issues are some key considerations when selecting a jewelry store online. You should also maintain consistency in your posts, tone, and theme. This makes it easier for your customers to recognize your brand. A unique theme and a brand-relevant tone will also set your jewelry business apart from other businesses in the same niche. 

Consistency will help you create a community. Posting regular stories, for example, will encourage your audience to check out your latest posts and visit your store to explore your collection. You can also build curiosity by posting stories about upcoming offers and special deals.

3. Hold Contests

You can host giveaways on Instagram and Facebook to build audiences’ engagement and grow your customer base. In fact, it is the fastest and the most effective way to get people to follow your page. The process is simple. You host a giveaway where you offer a few special gifts to the winners. The winner is chosen from people who participate in the giveaway by following the required steps. 

You can ask them to follow your account, like the post, tag some friends, and share the giveaway post on their stories. The winner is selected randomly, and they get a jewelry piece or other personalized gifts. It’s a great way to get people to engage with your brand. Chances are they will check out other posts and visit your website to buy the latest jewelry.

4. Post “Real” Photos

Your customers make a purchase decision based on how attractive your product looks in pictures. But that’s not all. If they invest hundreds of dollars in jewelry, they will want to buy a piece that looks as beautiful in reality as in pictures. To reassure your customers, you must post more real photos, i.e., pictures of people wearing your jewelry. 

It can be a customer flaunting the gorgeous diamond necklace or a social media influencer reviewing your bracelet. People like to see real photos. Based on these pictures, they imagine how the jewelry will look on them. Ask your customers to send you a picture of the jewelry and their feedback. Your posts can include a picture of them wearing your jewelry with their feedback. This small step can leave a long-lasting impression on your prospects. 

5. Use Your Social Media Links Everywhere

The next big step in your social media marketing strategy is your profile links. These must be shared across different platforms so that more and more people can find your business on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This includes your website, Ecommerce store, digital magazines, business cards, and email signature. 

6. Collaborate with Influencers

We’ve seen a growing demand for influencer marketing recently. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a celebrity with millions of followers (if your budget allows that, there couldn’t be a better marketing opportunity). Find people with a loyal fan base and reach out to them with your proposal. 

Some of your fans will gladly promote your product on their profile for free. You only have to send them your most popular or the best piece, and they will promote it to their audience without charging you. Micro-influencers with a few thousand followers can also promote your jewelry business for a small fee. If you are a big brand with a good budget, consider working with bloggers. Make them your brand ambassadors by giving them products for free or access to your VIP programs.

7. Focus on Video Marketing

You can make the video yourself or work with your customers to create a video that can engage your target audience. If you are not confident about your video shooting and photography skills, leave this part to us. Socinova has done video marketing for many jewelry brands, and we will be glad to assist you in this. We know all the YouTube marketing hacks that can work wonders for a jewelry business, whether you are a startup or a growing company. From title and descriptions to picture quality and SEO, we take care of everything that can affect your video ranking. 

8. Create a Feed that Attracts

Social media marketing is simple. Create a feed that looks relevant to your brand and stays consistent. But, finding the right theme and creating all posts around it is not going to be easy. You also need to schedule your posting hours so that you remain consistent on social media. A personalized feed will attract your audience and make it easy for them to remember your brand. Most people follow accounts with a consistent and clean theme. So, focus on your feed theme and be consistent.

9. Facebook and Instagram Ads

Considering the current competition on social media, it’s obvious that you need to run ad campaigns to reach your target audience. While creating high-quality posts will help, this alone is not going to work. You can select your demographic and a plan that fits your budget and the target audience. Sponsored ads will reach people interested in jewelry or those who’ve recently searched for similar products. 

How Can Socinova Help?

We understand you need a solid marketing campaign to promote your jewelry business on social media. We also know how difficult it is to set up a business profile on all social accounts and ensure a successful digital campaign across different marketing channels. That’s where we step in. 

We create a personalized marketing strategy to build a strong brand presence for your jewelry business on all popular social sites. Tell us your requirements, and we will help you achieve all your social media marketing goals!

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