Make The Most Of Your Schedule: Staying Social Online At The Industry Events

Make The Most Of Your Schedule: Staying Social Online At The Industry Events

Industry events are a hot topic for social media marketers and digital content creators. They’re the perfect opportunity to learn the latest tips and tricks, keep up with the trends and get to know some of your fellow marketers from all around the world.

But as someone who’s used to spending so much time online, you’ll probably want to post live updates as you enjoy the fun and excitement of the event.

Make sure you’re logged into your business accounts.

Presuming you use a business account on social media to represent your brand, make sure you’re already logged in and ready to go. That way, you’ll find it easy to simply open the app and post a tweet or Facebook status – with no need to go through the login process, or worse, realize you’ve forgotten your password!

Ensure your phone or tablet has plenty of battery.

The last thing you want is to go to post an update, only to find your phone or tablet has run out of battery. Don’t forget to charge it before you leave, and consider carrying a portable USB charger too!

Check out the WiFi situation in advance.

Take a look at the venue’s website and make sure they have WiFi, as well as seeking out any instructions on how to connect when you arrive. If it’s free, you should be able to connect instantly, if not, there may be a signup process.

If WiFi is not available, ensure you have enough data remaining on your mobile plan to cover the event.

Don’t just post text – document your day with photos too.

Text updates can be informative, but a picture says a thousand words. Don’t be afraid to post photos that you take throughout the day – from the location to presentations and even selfies with other attendees!

Tag others who are visiting the event.

By tagging other industry pros as you network at the event, you’ll come across as an inclusive, friendly individual (and business) which will help others to view you in a favourable light.

Give helpful insights to those who couldn’t make it.

Chances are there were a lot of people who wanted to attend the event but couldn’t make it – both professionals and consumers within the industry.

By giving them regular, insightful updates, you are their key to instant online access, despite not being able to get there in person.

Don’t hesitate to post breaking news as it happens – you’ll establish yourself as a provider of must-know information.

As soon as something important is announced, head straight to social media to share the news with your audience. They’ll be so excited to hear the news before anyone else!

By documenting your trip to an industry event on social media, you’re not only sharing the event’s updates with the world, you’re also proving yourself to be a dedicated, hard working member of the industry, who’s always looking to learn more. That’s a great image to have as a business owner!

Your audience will see you as someone who takes their trade seriously, making them more likely to consider your products and services in the future.

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