New To SEO? Here’s How To Factor It In To Your Social Media Pages

New To SEO? Here’s How To Factor It In To Your Social Media Pages

You’ve probably heard about search engine optimisation (commonly known as SEO) and how important it is for your digital strategy. You may even already be using it on your company website. But did you know that you could also use SEO on social media? Here are just a few different ways you can factor SEO into your social media pages.

Use your social media page for link building.

Your social media page is an ideal place for placing links to your company website. Firstly, make sure your website link has been included in your bio or ‘About’ section.
You can also include links in your content and posts – especially if they’re relevant to the products or services detailed in the post itself. For example, if you post about a product in your latest social media update, go ahead and post the link directly to your site to increase your traffic and rankings.

Grow your fan base to boost your social signals.

Gathering followers and expanding your reach is great for SEO. Search engines take social signals into account when providing search results, making you more likely to be highly ranked if you have a regularly updated social account with high levels of engagement.

Make sure your content can be found via searches.

Be sure to check your privacy settings and make sure your content is actually searchable. If it’s private or unlisted, it’s not going to come up in any searches. While your personal content can stay as private as you like, it’s important to make sure that all your business content is public.

Use relevant keywords where possible.

While it’s important to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’, using well thought out keywords in moderation is essential to your SEO. Use them in your content, whether it’s a Facebook post, Instagram caption or Pinterest pin to ensure your content will appear in relevant searches.

Create a local listing that will make you discoverable to local customers.

You can create a local listing on social media using Google+ that will be shown in Google search results to local users who search for products or services like yours.
You’ll need to include your business address as well as other relevant information to ensure you can be found. This is also a place where you can gather reviews – and Google recommends businesses with great reviews before others.

Now you know of a few simple ways you can include SEO tactics while posting on social media, why not give it a try? Anything that helps to raise your ranks in search results can only be a good thing – providing you’re taking the organic and white hat approach.

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