Playing Pokemon Go? Why Not Use It For Business Too?

pokemon for business

Playing Pokemon Go? Why Not Use It For Business Too?

In case you hadn’t noticed, pretty much the entire world has been gripped by the Pokemon Go app, making it quite the trend on social media. Finally, would-be Pokemon trainers can bring the game to life by catching Pokemon in an augmented reality version of their own town or city!

But how can business owners and social media marketers cash in on the popularity of Pokemon Go? As it happens, there are several ways to make the most of the trend.

Mention the game (or post photos) in your social media posts.

Many brands have been spotted making ‘catch em all’ references, as well as posting in-game screenshots of Pokemon hanging out in their store or using their products!

Even if your store or business is online only, this method still plants the association to your products or services in the minds of Pokemon trainers.

Create a contest or event for Pokemon Go players to boost your engagement.

Any Pokemon trainer worth their salt will be excited at the opportunity to show off his or her latest catch on social media, so use this to your advantage.

Generate comments and tweets by asking your followers about their latest success. Or, generate overall engagement as well as potentially gathering leads (depending on how you set it up), by hosting a contest.

One idea is to ask players to submit an in-game photo of a Pokemon they’ve caught next to one of your products – or something that relates to your business. Perhaps, also including their email address as a condition of entry? Lead collection for the modern age.

Or, if a contest isn’t your thing, offer small online discounts or freebies for anyone who submits their Pokemon stories or photos. You can get creative with this – just choose something that’s relative to your industry!

Physically lure customers to your store! (Or at least past it.)

If you have a brick and mortar store that happens to be near a Pokestop, you can also plant a lure on it that would bring more people to the area as they play – ensuring more people pass by your store in the process!

When placing a lure on a Pokestop, you are providing an incentive for trainers to walk nearby. They’ll be able to find Pokemon that have been drawn to the lure, giving them a good reason to check it out and see what they can catch.

The lure is only activated for 30 minutes, so try to use it at a peak time when you know there will be a lot of people in the vicinity. This could be 12 – 2 pm (when many people are taking lunch breaks), 3 – 4 pm (as kids and teenagers are leaving school – if they’re your demographic) or 5 pm onwards if your store is open, to appeal to those on their way home from work.

Alternatively, using the lure on a busy Saturday will be a guaranteed hit!

By including Pokemon Go in your marketing strategy on social media and beyond, you’ll be able to  meet your metric goals as well as showing your customers you’re down with the latest trends. And maybe you’ll have a little fun in the process!

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