When you picture a digital media office, what do you see? Giant computers, massive screens, state of the art keyboards and a mass of different technology? Well, that would be nice! But it’s not actually what we need for successful social media marketing.

But what do marketers need to get the job done? It’s probably less than you think!

A desktop PC or Mac, or even a good laptop.

Really, that’s the most important part. It doesn’t have to be top of the range, just choose whatever falls into your budget. That’s not to say you should scrimp, though. Your ideal machine should be:

  • Fast enough to handle multitasking.
  • Powerful enough for graphics generation should you wish to Photoshop your visual content.
  • WiFi compatible (or at least set up with the correct cables in the office).

Other ‘nice to haves’ are:

  • A large screen, ideal for working with multiple windows at once.
  • An upgraded keyboard – one that’s designed to be comfortable when typing or working for long periods of time.

Simple, isn’t it? Considering most of a social media marketer’s job is online, you really don’t need much on the actual computer.

A tablet.

Okay, this may not be an essential, but it can be helpful. You’ll be able to see what your social media posts look like on a mid-sized mobile device – an element that’s important considering the rise of mobile social media users.

A camera.

Again, this doesn’t have to be a super fancy SLR. A good quality point and shoot digital camera will do the job. This comes in handy when you want to share in-house or behind the scenes photos. But honestly, you can get away with not having one – many of us are used to using the cameras on our phones!

A smartphone.

A smartphone purely for work purposes is an essential for social media marketers. It should be new enough to run all the latest social networking apps, as well as any other cool apps you might want to check out as you keep up with the trends.

It should have enough space to store these apps, as well as any brand photos or files you wish to take or save using the device.

A smartphone is also key for staying in touch when you’re ‘out of office’, and also allows you to update your brand’s social media pages no matter where you are.

Some people may go all out and purchase both an Android phone and an iPhone for work purposes, in order to see how things work on each operating system. But with social media, it’s pretty standard – in most cases, you’ll be fine picking just the one.

Now you know what a social media marketer needs to do an effective job, you may feel better about your current set up! As cool as it is to constantly have the latest gadgets and technology, what matters more is the effort you put in and the results you get through your dedicated work.