How Web 3.0 is Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

How Web 3.0 is Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

How Web 3.0 is Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

Everyone is curious about Web 3.0. Even though a lot of articles are talking about it, there is no particular definition for the same. But we believe it will nuke digital marketing and its mediums as we know.

Social media agencies and digital marketing companies crawl in the shadows to collect data about things they don’t own. These companies follow people. Using the data they collect, they can easily target their potential customers and keep retargeting them until they convert. 

Web 3.0 will keep this in control.

Web 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the World Wide Web, and it’s going to revolutionize the way we promote our businesses using digital media.

With an introduction of this concept, so many questions have popped up in the netizens’ minds, such as:

  • What exactly is Web 3.0.?
  • How does it impact what we do?

Since it’s a constantly evolving concept-in-motion, studying it needed thorough research. 

Picturing Web 3.0 is not so easy, but here is our try. Consider it like the popular Novel and TV series, Game of Thrones. We have to watch or read it from the Part 1 to understand how Jon Snow is the right heir to the throne. So let us understand Web 3.0 in a similar way.


The History of Web 1.0 & Web 2.0

Since 1994, the internet has been going through multiple levels of evolution. Suppose the trend of evolution is observed carefully. In that case, we can see that Web 1.0 was the version of the internet with static information where people read websites but rarely interacted with them. With web 2.0, websites became interactive and social web enabled collaboration between users, and now Web 3.0 will change the way how websites are made and how users interact with them.

This is just a general understanding of the Web 3.0 we have gathered so far. In short, web 1.0 is like websites; we create websites, fill them with content and wait for website visitors to see and experience our content. Web 2.0 evolved to become more interactive and allowed people to create, comment, and interact with anyone else on the internet.

We believe Web 3.0. will change our experience with the internet.

In short:

  • Web 1.0. — We click and type.
  • Web 2.0. — We swipe.


Web 3.0 – Socinova & Trigacy’s Deep Lookout

We live in a theoretical digital world where everyone has their own data. We own our data just like a bike or a car we have. 

Web 3.0 gives you the freedom to drive your own personal car; you can cruise wherever you want. You will have complete control over this car. In Web 3.0, you can choose if you are going to see any ads or even turn that damn radio to your favorite song. As long as you adhere to certain traffic rules, you can easily safeguard everyone, including yourself. 

In a Web 3.0 world, you will have complete control over your data and will live under anonymity. You can actually have an option of what to make public and what to keep away from people tracking you. 

Since Web 3.0 is securing users’ interests and privacy, it will majorly affect social media marketing and digital marketing businesses in the long run. 


Impact of Web 3.0 on Businesses & Marketers

Since Web 3.0 seems like a nightmare for marketers, how can they fetch data for marketing and promotional activities? 

  • You ask for it.
  • Give more value.
  • Then ask for it again.

With Web 3.0 having followers on social media doesn’t mean much. It is a number marketers use to calculate the digital influence of any brand or personality. Nothing more. Nobody owns their followers. You have to remember that your marketing agency is like a bad teacher; if it fails, you do too.

It will not be easy for marketers and agencies to fetch data like before. They will need to know their target customers as much as they can. The deep web cannot be a feasible option for any business as it’s one of the most misleading ways anyone can get data from. 

So providing good quality information through your content and entertaining your customers will be a suitable way to get data.


Web 3.0. and the Future of Business

Digital marketing will go 3-dimensional, and so will the way businesses grow. Our access to the internet has extended from the screen in front of us to everything else around us. Internet of Things is also an update to businesses. 

Web 3.0 is a giant wheel set in motion, and an enhanced user experience for the internet is waiting. Blockchain, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), and virtual reality are some products of Web 3.0.


That’s a lot already, but we are not done here.

We will keep giving you updates on Web 3.0 in the upcoming blogs and articles. Stay social and be ready to be dazzled!

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