Targeting The Millennials: How To Tweak Your Campaign For The Modern Generation

Targeting The Millennials: How To Tweak Your Campaign For The Modern Generation

The term ‘Millennial’ is one that’s very frequently used nowadays, so you’ve probably already heard it used online or in conversation.

But as a marketer, you may be looking to understand more about this much-discussed generation and how marketing towards them could be important for your brand’s marketing strategy. First, let’s consider what a Millennial actually is, then we’ll move on to the best ways to market with Millennials in mind.

What exactly is a Millennial?

Millennials – also known as Generation Y – are those who became adults somewhere around the turn of the  21st century – the millennium.

In ‘numbers’ terms – it is estimated the earliest Millennials were born in 1982 with the latest being born in 2004.

This is around the time digital technology and the internet as we know it became a mainstream and everyday part of our lives, making Millennials the first generation to have ‘grown up’ with it – having an influence on the way they live and act today.

How do we market to Millennials?

Marketing to Millennials means using the technologies they are familiar with to your advantage. Here are three ways you can keep that in mind and promote to them as a demographic.

1. Remember that Millennials are the ‘Digital Generation’.

Millennials respond well to what they know – and that’s all things digital. They’re online at all times, constantly connected through their up to date devices, and will usually pick an online option over a brick and mortar location when shopping.

If you’re selling to this age group, working on your digital strategy and eCommerce approach is essential.

2. They take an interest in the latest features – so use them to your advantage!

Millennials are usually early adopters of the latest features when it comes to the web, so be sure to keep up with the trends and take advantage of anything new in terms of advertising and content. They’ll notice that you’re ahead of the crowd and will be more likely to purchase from you as a result.

3. They don’t respond well to direct marketing.

Millennials prefer an indirect approach to marketing and are not the biggest fans of ads. Many of them will be using AdBlocker software on their computers and mobile devices which mean they won’t actually see a lot of the ads businesses have promoted.

To work around this, you can market your brand effectively yet indirectly through great social media content, videos and sponsored posts on social media.

Keeping all of this in mind is especially helpful if your marketing your product or service to a younger audience from the Millennial generation, so make sure you’re staying ahead by selling to them in a way they can get on board with.

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