The 6 Types Of Accounts You Need To Unfollow Right Now

Accounts You Need To Unfollow

The 6 Types Of Accounts You Need To Unfollow Right Now

There’s no shame in taking part in a follow spree, especially when building up your account from the ground.

But it’s important to ensure you’re looking at who you’re following, rather than blindly hitting the same button over and over again. But in retrospect, that advice can’t take you back in time, so does little to help you once you’ve followed thousands of irrelevant accounts.

If you’re ready to get your social media profiles organised and unfollow the accounts that do nothing for your brand, here are the best places to start – our top ten types of accounts you need to unfollow right now!

1. Companies that just don’t add up.

‘Companies’ online that turn out to be scams or simply bad businesses aren’t worth following. Does it seem like they bought their followers? Are all their tweets ads? Do they ignore questions from consumers? If so, it may be better for your company image to stay away from those associated with bad practices.

2. Follow for Follow/F4F types.

Many people follow follow-back accounts to gain traction in the social media community, but you’ll reach a point where it comes off a little desperate. Your audience may wonder why you have to resort to such measures – Shouldn’t your brand be good enough to attract followers on its own merit?

3. Accounts that post inappropriate content.

What you do with your personal account is up to you, but when it’s your brand account you need to be adhering to a more professional image.

If people see you publicly ‘like’ or follow inappropriate accounts, you’re essentially endorsing that kind of content. Do you really want that associated with your brand?

4. Accounts that don’t ever stop posting.

If you’re following an account that doesn’t ever stop posting, you’ll end up missing important things in your newsfeed or dashboard that could be valuable to your brand or audience.

If this person isn’t of particular value to your brand, unfollow and keep your feed full of interesting updates!

5. Anyone proven to share incorrect information.

Let’s say, someone you follow posts some hot industry information. You retweet it to your followers, but it later turns out to be incorrect or simply a rumour. Your audience will then see you as someone who doesn’t know the truth in the industry and will lose trust in you as a result.

6. People with absolutely no interest in what you have to offer.

Essentially, your goal as a brand on social media is not to make friends – it’s to market your brand. The point of following is to encourage engagement and to draw attention to your brand, which is something you won’t achieve if the user has no interest in what you have to offer. So what’s the point? Just unfollow, and follow those that are more likely to engage!

By unfollowing these types of accounts, you’ll find your feed is refreshed and improved, featuring only content from those your brand can be proud to engage with.

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