Tumblr – How To Be A Pro

Tumblr tips

Tumblr – How To Be A Pro

Tumblr tips

Every web 2.0 and social media site has a determined purpose for businesses and individuals. Blogging is one thing, and social media is another. One among the best micro-blogging as well as social networking sites is Tumblr. Tumblr has been skewed with intent to be used as a massive brand marketing tool and it correctly works in supposed modus operandi.  Not many social media marketers have been smart enough to make the most out of their site. With 7 years of existence already, the success secrets at this site are mostly revealed. Technically you can add any content to you micro blog and work on getting your blog followed by other Tumblr users. Here are a few killer tips to VIP your way to success at Tumblr:

Content Related Tips

  • Use attractive multimedia:  Like Twitter ‘retweets,’ Tumblr works on ‘reblogs’. Reblogs happen more for a simple gif and attractive visuals.
  • Creative posts do the trick:  You do not necessarily have to post something related to yourself at all to get attention. Comical, funny and thought inspiring posts tend to make followers long for your next post.
  • Hit on emotional triggers:  To earn reblogs, you need to catch your followers off guard. Humour is not everyone’s cup of tea, but emotion is.

Dealing with followers

  • Watch your audience:  Tumblr users are mostly youth or in their middling ages. If you want to get some branding done with Tumblr for the senior citizens, you have got it all wrong.
  • Appealing in the right way:  Make announcements of your upcoming products in Tumblr to reach your prospective consumer base.
  • Talkback to customers:  Courteously follow back your followers to make them feel you give a thought to what they have to say.

Integrating with third-party sites

  • Instagram does well with pictures:  You don’t have to break a sweat in creating new content when your official and active Instagram account is added to Tumblr.
  • Some analytics help measure your Tumblr success:  Use sites like SumAll to measure improvements in sales, social media engagement, web traffic, etc.

All these tips will help you be the pro at Tumblr marketing that you always wanted to be. Have more tips? Feel free to leave a comment.

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