How to Create YouTube Shorts Using AI in 2023 

Create Youtube Shorts Using AI

How to Create YouTube Shorts Using AI in 2023 

Hello! Are you looking for the most effective ways to create YouTube Short videos quickly and easily?

YouTube holds the top position as the primary platform for long-form video content. However, what about short-form content?

Thanks to the 2020 release of YouTube Shorts, YouTube has officially become a platform for both short-form and long-form content. Current statistics reveal an average of 13 billion daily views for YouTube Shorts.

That’s huge, right? What if you can create YouTube shorts using AI and that too 10x faster? Sounds interesting? I am writing this blog for all content creators and digital marketers to help them create YouTube Shorts using AI!

What is short-form video content?

Short-form video content comprises videos under 60 seconds, with some marketers considering up to three minutes. These videos offer bite-sized, digestible content for easy viewing and scrolling.

You’ll be amazed to know that 96% of consumers prefer short-form video content. Also, short-form videos are more likely to go viral!

47% of marketers say that short-form videos have a higher potential for viral sharing. It’s time to deep-dive into YouTube shorts, what is YouTube shorts video and how to create a YouTube short.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube introduced ‘Shorts’ as a response to the popularity of Instagram Reels and TikTok, incorporating short-form vertical video into the platform. YouTube creators can upload Shorts alongside long-form content to attract more subscribers with diverse content.

Shorts can be viewed full screen and have a maximum length of 60 seconds. Expanding your audience and grabbing the attention of YouTube’s 122 million daily users is worth considering with YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts now serves as an incredible platform for swiftly attracting viewers. Creators might face challenges in producing captivating shorts with speed and efficiency.

What could be an ideal solution to create 10x faster and creative YouTube shorts?

It’s time to put an end to spending hours on a single short video. Here are a few cool ideas to create YouTube Shorts 10x faster.

Utilize Your Engaging Long Video Content

Your hard work went into crafting a fantastic long-form video. Don’t limit it to just one format. I’m thrilled to introduce an innovative method that saves time and expands your audience.

Let’s embark on this exciting approach! Content creators, I’ll guide you through some effective ways to repurpose content. Let’s harness the effort invested in creating exceptional content. Let’s discover these outstanding techniques:

  • Creating a concise version of your lengthy video
  • Craft captivating highlight reels from your videos, showcasing the most thrilling moments in a stunning compilation
  • Educational videos inspired by your preferred content

Make Youtube Shorts 10x Faster with AI  

Artificial intelligence is entering almost every online platform. AI is proving to be a catalyst in creating video content. But, what is the best AI tool to create YouTube Shorts? How do you make YouTube Shorts with AI?

You can discover numerous advanced and free AI video editors online. Use them to create YouTube shorts 10 times faster. I have compiled a list of the top 3 best AI tools for YouTube Shorts creation.

Utilize this tool to create YouTube Shorts with AI-powered text-to-speech, video templates, and stock media! AI tools for YouTube Shorts creation

This AI tool enables you to craft YouTube short videos from scratch or edit existing ones. InVideo offers various styles and options, including text, music, and effects. AI tool for YouTube Shorts creation is the latest and trending AI video creator for producing YouTube Shorts videos. AI tool for YouTube Shorts creation

These are the latest AI video generation tools for creating YouTube shorts with 10x greater speed and ease. Experiment with the tools above and share your insight!


Utilize Munch, the leading AI video creation platform, to extract the most engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videos.

GetMunch AI tool for YouTube Shorts creation

You can use the default presets and templates to create your YouTube Shorts video!

Can you use Canva videos for YouTube Shorts? Of course, yes!

Canva is one of the finest tools for video templates and presets. Discover numerous top-quality, editable video templates for creating YouTube shorts. Watch the tutorial here.

How to make YouTube Shorts in Canva?

1. Simply search for ‘YouTube Shorts in ‘Create a design’ and select it.

Create Youtube Shorts in Canva

2. You can explore from thousands of default YouTube Short templates in Canva

YouTube Short templates in Canva

3. Download the YouTube Shorts video and you are good to go!


Start with rapid video production with FlexClip’s ready-to-use video templates. This tool stands out as a renowned choice among digital creators.

FlexClip ready-to-use YouTube video templates

Wondershare: Filmora

This all-in-one video creator simplifies video editing, enabling the effortless creation of professional videos. The tool offers AI audio stretch, AI smart cutout, AI audio denoise, and various other features.

Wondershare: Filmora all-in-one YouTube video creator

Well, now that I have shared with you the best AI video creation tools, you can create wonders! But hey, what if you run out of ideas while creating YouTube Shorts?  

Use ChatGPT to create a marvellous YouTube Shorts scripts!

ChatGPT to create YouTube Shorts script

Generate ideas for YouTube Shorts topic using ChatGPT!

Ideas for YouTube Shorts topic using ChatGPT

I hope you are now well-equipped with the best AI tools and techniques to create your YouTube Shorts!

FAQ about creating YouTube Shorts using AI in 2023

1. What is the best AI for YouTube Shorts?

QuickVid rapidly creates captivating YouTube shorts using AI technology. You may also try and With these AI tools, you can create engaging short-form video content faster and better.

2. Does YouTube Shorts have an algorithm?

The YouTube Shorts algorithm is developed over time as per the content you browse through your Shorts feed.

3. What is the AI tool to create text-to-video?

VEED offers a robust text-to-video AI and AI script generator that delivers engaging video scripts. Simply input a prompt and receive your AI-generated script within seconds!

4. Are there templates for YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can speed up your video creation process by simply using default templates from Canva,, Filmora etc.

Wrap Up!

Incorporating AI into YouTube Shorts creation revolutionizes the way we craft and share content. With the power of artificial intelligence, the process becomes seamless, efficient, and filled with endless possibilities.

As we navigate this exciting era of technology-driven creativity, harnessing AI to create YouTube shorts opens doors to captivating storytelling, enhanced engagement, and a new realm of visual expression.

Embrace the future of content creation through AI! Please feel free to add your AI tools in the comments. It’s your turn to shoot your shorts!

Written by Ashay Chandekar from Socinova. Images have their copyrights from respective sources.

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