5 Social Media Marketing Trends We Saw In 2018

5 Social Media Marketing Trends We Saw In 2018

5 Social Media Marketing Trends We Saw In 2018

As we are looking at the trends for the year 2019, it’s important to look back and understand what made the year 2018 special.

As we are almost done with 2018 now, let us take a look at some ground-breaking trends in social media marketing which made a huge difference this year!

1. Rise in the importance of augmented reality.

Although augmented reality is yet to advent in its full form, its presence could be strongly felt in the realm of social media marketing in this year. It will be safe to say, that in the coming years, brands will soon project their products into the homes of the social media users through especially used filters.

2. Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories.

Over 200 million users are using  Instagram Stories every month. This amount is about 50 million more than those who use Snapchat. And you know what? The Instagram Stories are just one & a half years old! If this trend continues, then almost half of all Instagram users will be using Stories by the start of 2019. 

3. Constant investment in influencer marketing.

About 90 percent of marketers who employ influencer marketing strategy believe that it has been a successful decision. Famous companies like North Face, HubSpot and Rolex use social media–based influencer marketing strategies to connect with viewers and improve engagement across the channels.

4. Increased use of live streaming.

Live streaming is no more a gimmick in social media, it has now become one of the mainstream parts of it. This year, we saw big and small brands increasingly using live streaming to capture the attention of their viewers. In the coming years, we will surely see more brands incorporating live streaming into their social media marketing strategies.

5. Increasing participation of brands in messaging platforms.

About 2.5 billion people use messaging platforms worldwide, yet brands were only confined to connecting with consumers only on social media platforms. However, in the year 2018, brands have increasingly invested time and money in connecting with consumers on messaging platforms like WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger. Also, artificial intelligence, voice assistants and chatbots have enabled brands to offer personalised shopping experiences from messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Kik.

Are you excited to follow these amazing trends in the year 2019 too to make the most of social media marketing for your brands? We are too! As Socinova, we try to stay updated with social media trends all the time to provide our clients with the best of marketing at affordable prices. If you haven’t checked us out yet, do it today!

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