7 Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2022

7 Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2022

7 Social Media Trends to Look Out For in 2022

As an affordable social media marketing agency, Socinova keeps bringing you trending industry updates. This article on social media marketing trends in 2022 is another good example of our thorough research and brainstorming sessions we have at Socinova. After all, we believe in strong planning for the upcoming years. In addition, we have observed many changes in 2021 regarding social media marketing. All these changes have helped us rethink the way businesses and customers are connected.

Its critical to stay ahead of your competition by using the recent social media marketing trends and implementing them in your 2022 marketing strategy. It will be a huge loss for your business if you are still using outdated or ineffective strategies to reach your audience. So, hold on tight with this article to stay updated with useful tips and suggestions to prepare your business for the upcoming challenges.

Here are the top 7 trends to consider as a part of your social media marketing for 2022.

1. Micro-influencer Marketing

Until now, we were attracted to traditional influencer marketing, which has dominated for a considerable time. But now micro-influencers offer businesses so much potential that you should definitely use them for your brand in 2022. Micro-influencers are different from macro-influencers, where they have a smaller number of followers. The main features of such social media influencers are the high interaction and engagement rate. Mostly, micro-influencers have followers from a specific niche, which makes them extremely attractive for cooperation with suitable businesses.

We predict that more and more micro influencers will get noticed in the near future, with agencies helping them connect with popular brands and customers.

Although Socinova is not a full-time influencer marketing agency, we are proud to serve our clients with this lucrative social media marketing technique.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Social media marketing is increasing becoming the preferred medium of digital dialogue. Artificial intelligence lets you optimize your marketing and advance your results. Automation in marketing makes it easy to conduct an accurate analysis of search patterns and customer behavior. Artificial intelligence can create connections between data sets that seem too complex or time-consuming to be performed by humans. Artificial intelligence is already being applied in the fields like:

  • Customizable email marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Content optimization and seeding
  • eCommerce transactions
  • Product recommendations

Various AI-powered tools can deliver insights from your brands social media content, profiles, and audience. AI-powered tools can help augment brands and trends across social media. AI-powered social media intelligence can help brands measure and improve brand equity, identify consumer behavior, and understand target audiences. AI also helps businesses determine what content to post to maximize the effect. AI-powered social media tools can inspect your content and then recommend to you what to post, when to post, and where to post it.

At Socinova, we take the help of AI tools, but we dont completely rely on these tools. Thats because we believe in providing a personalized and humanized marketing approach to your business, and in 2022, we will continue to focus on the same!

3. Agile Marketing on Social Media

Agile marketing is a type of tactical marketing that uses data and analytics to support solutions to problems and opportunities, using tests, evaluating the results, and fast changes. The benefit of this tactic is that it can run multiple campaigns and multiple ideas every now and then. It also offers businesses many benefits of integrating content marketing and social media sharing combined. It wont be an exaggeration to say if agile marketing is the sexiest phrase in the digital marketing vocabulary. Its also one of the reputed ones.

A few elements used in interactive marketing:

  • Reviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive videos
  • Surveys

4. Voice Visual Search

Search engines are also expanding their abilities by planning to give more importance to voice and visual search in 2022. In the near future, users will be able to get a products information just using image uploads. For social media marketing, voice search is going to be a changemaker too. As search engines take signals from social profiles, if your content shows up in voice or visual search, it will be as useful for you as any other search engine marketing technique.

As a brand owner, you should make sure your content is voice search friendly so that search engines can get easy signals from your profiles and deliver suitable results to your potential customers. Voice search is getting popular, and its growing day by day. Marketers need to optimize the content on their product pages to accommodate the increasing number of voice search users.

Upcoming features not discussed or announced yet:

  • Complete voice control on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We will be able to do everything with voice search, from starting and listening to dictated messages, and replying to comments left on your posts.
  • Another useful element of voice search in the future will its use in advertising. Brands, bloggers, and influencers will be able to create an ad campaign using voice, add a voice recording to support the ad, and even process payment hands-free.
  • Another exciting upcoming feature might be linking all your innovative technology together using voice. You may be able to access your social media accounts through voice search on a smart wearable like an Apple Watch, or through your earbuds.

5. Live Streams Stories

Live streams are now becoming more popular since we have experienced the waves of the pandemic. The trends of lives, reels, and podcasts will continue into 2022 and will get more popularity. Its time to give your followers behind-the-scene insights into your business operations through live streams. With both Instagram and Facebook, customers can engage with short-lived content, like Stories. The exclusive availability of such types of content makes them particularly attractive to your followers.

Since people are getting used to work from home and enjoying content from their phones, huge platforms like trade shows are adopting live streams, which are becoming inevitably important for your business as well.

6. Shorter Video Content

There is no doubt that videos, in any format, will rule social media marketing in 2022. Rather than long videos, the trend is shifting toward shorter content that customers love to watch to the end. By 2025, giant search engine Google expects video content to increase up to 80% of all internet traffic. As online video library is increasing, online marketers will have to prepare accurate techniques to incorporate these into their marketing mix.

7. Data Protection Data Security

A new start awaits humanity, as data protection is becoming one of the most relevant topics for every business. With the GDPR coming into the world of commerce, related challenges of data collection can impact your organization. Protecting personal data is going to become increasingly crucial in 2022. Google has mentioned that it will remove tracking cookies altogether by the end of 2023.

The next steps for your business in digital marketing!

The social media marketing trends mentioned here are a good start for developing your marketing strategy for 2022. To get the most benefit from such new changes in digital marketing, you need to be responsive and have enough resources allocated to your marketing strategy.

Socinova can help you optimize your content, letting your business engage aggressively with your potential customers through the social media platforms. We make sure your business gets a dedicated marketing team with relevant expertise in online and content marketing.

Explore our standard plans here and get started with your social media marketing today!

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