5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Roofing Contractors

Social Media Marketing Tips For Roofing

5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Roofing Contractors

Social media offers roofing companies a simple and effective way to reach their target customers. From uploading photos and sharing relevant local and industry-related information, social media is ideal for roofing conytractors to build relationships and advance their brand image and awareness with clients and customers.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Roofing Contractors?

Companies who are already on social media know that it can be a useful tool for marketing their brand. Social media can help your roofing company build trust and strengthen understanding between your consumers and the company.

Social media can help build brand loyalty, generate more leads, and help customers select the right brand for their needs. There are many advantages to engaging with social media in the roofing business. It’s relatively simple to start a business page, as well as add a few links to the business website. Roofing companies & contractors can share useful business information, photos, portfolio, periodic updates and more, such as their company mission statement, on social media pages.

What Type of Social Media Marketing Is Best for Roofers? (Best Practices to Follow)

Roofing is a complex business. If you wish to be successful and provide for yourself, your family, and your employees, you already understand the effort you must put into your business. You need to offer a quality service, and you need to convince homeowners that you are the best service provider for their homes & roofs.

Here’s an overview of some popular forms of social media marketing for roofers.

1. Project Pictures on Social Media Platforms

Upload pictures on social media from projects that you have done recently, especially if the homeowner you worked with can offer a short reference or description of the job. This will help the target customers see your great work and then hire you.

2. Upload Team Pictures

Your roofing social media posts must be as attractive and engaging as possible. People enjoy seeing people. They wish to see what sets your squad apart from the rest, and they want to observe who you really are. Upload roofing photos and videos of your team members, allowing people to see the faces behind the work. Describe your employees by uploading pictures of them with job titles and crisp personal bios, and let your target customers understand who makes up the company, one by one. Becoming more familiar with your company’s team will make them more likely to reach out to you for their next roofing maintenance requirement.

3. Home Show Marketing

Home shows are a vital marketing tool for many roofers, particularly in markets saturated with contractors. The shows offer the opportunity to connect with homeowners directly, but, more than that, they offer a chance to build valuable leads. The key to making a home show profitable is to go into it with a solid strategy, one that is developed way before the doors are even opened. It also involves having a plan for following up with the leads you engage with, and that’s an area where many contractors don’t follow through well enough. The simple act of following up with prospects who visited your home show could be enough to make you stand apart from other roofing companies.

4. Local Community News

You can connect with your target customers by posting and sharing local news that you both are interested in. Let your target audience know that you can be kept in the loop, that you are involved locally, and that you care about the well-being of your community.

5. Local Events

Indicate that you are a contributing factor to the community by uploading about events that you have attended or even sponsored. If you upload before the event, past and potential clients may even come to you and speak with you while you are out and about. Be consistent with your posting frequency, and do not be afraid to re-post your past posts. If you’re more of a visual person, share pictures of any promotional activity or ask questions from the audience. Keep your messages positive and always focus on your target audience. It is also a good idea to include links to other parts of your website and client resources on social media pages. If your audience is not sure of how to reach your website, sharing a link is a good way to open up the discussion. Encourage and help followers.

Using social media platforms to promote your roofing company is simple and accessible to most companies that are looking to build their businesses. Customers are able to visit the company’s social media profiles for more information about the services they provide and get a first-hand look at the work that the company does. In addition, the company’s social media posts also encourage dialogue with potential clients, which can lead to the potential customer seeing your company as a viable option to consider. One of the key social media marketing platforms used by roofing companies is Facebook.

At Socinova, we’re dedicated to helping each one of our roofing clients reach their potential customers using social media.

How to Establish a Social Media Presence

While the basics of social media marketing may seem simple, many small business owners are intimidated by the prospect of getting started and have doubts about whether it’s the right decision. What they don’t realize is that the benefits of social media outweigh the limitations. Many smart roofing business owners ask themselves this question: “Are social media posts profitable or even necessary? Isn’t SEO and the AdWords model enough to promote a business online?”. As with any marketing strategy; however, social media is only the first step. The real value of social media is the relationships you build with customers and other businesses and organizations.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Roofing Companies / Independent Contractors

It is a fact that roofing businesses that do not put efforts behind SEO miss out on reaching 80% of their potential customers.

When you achieve higher search rankings, local potential customers are going to see you as a top player in the roofing industry. This will make your roofing business the top choice every time they search for your service online. It also helps boost brand awareness and allows your target market to recognize you as a top brand. When leveraged perfectly, social media can generate roofing leads, improve SEO results, and drive targeted traffic.

  • Build brand awareness and build relationships
  • Establish trust with clients
  • Improve customer service
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Identify local customers
  • Gain leads
  • Deliver customer service
  • Get new customers

What are the most vital elements of Roofing Social Media Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics. Make sure your name and brand are engaging, get your truck wrapped, get your yard signs and get your social media accounts up and running. Next, shift to your website, make sure you have enough content on vital pages and get your company on local directories. Having a brand that has a good reputation in the community, and expanding social referrals are baselines before moving on to advanced techniques like a professional website, advertising, SEO, and even video marketing.

Socinova has Experience in Marketing Roofers on Social Media Platforms

The Socinova Team thrives on creating winning strategies for roofing businesses that drive customers to you. We don’t just wish to run your roofing social media marketing campaigns; we wish to hear your ideas and partner together with you to grow your business faster. We take the time to understand you. 

Socinova’s social media experts will help you in all aspects of social media marketing from accounts set up, posting, tracking, and more. If you want to improve your roofing company’s visibility on social media, contact us to book a free social media marketing strategy session with our experts today. OR, you can just subscribe to one of our plans, and we’ll start boosting your social media!

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