Completely New To Social Media? Here Are The Networks To Consider

Best Social media networks for business

Completely New To Social Media? Here Are The Networks To Consider

Any business today whether large or small should consider the benefits of a social media presence. Most people today are online, and by avoiding social media you’re missing out on a whole audience who could otherwise be your next customers.

It may be overwhelming to consider all your options when you’re just getting started, so take a moment to learn about the most popular social networks and decide where you’d like to start.

Even signing up to one is a step in the right direction, so start developing your online presence today!


Facebook allows you to create business pages to promote your brand. The site is used by over 1.15 billion users in total and over 700 million users log in each day, giving you a vast audience to work with.

Facebook data also reports that over 70% of these active users are engaged with or connected to a local business, with a total of over 2 billion connections between users and business pages.

Through your page, you can engage with consumers, allow previous customers to post reviews, share updates, photos and videos or even share content from around the web. It’s a great place to start!


Twitter usage data reports over 320 million monthly active users, so while the audience may not be as large as Facebook’s, your profile will still have the potential to reach high numbers.

Twitter focuses on connecting above anything else, so it’s the perfect opportunity to engage with consumers and learn more about what they need and how they like your business, as well as creating a brand ‘personality’ through your updates.


LinkedIn may be associated with individuals seeking jobs, but it’s also worth developing a business presence too.

Not only will you be able to create a professional looking profile that can be viewed by influencers in your industry and beyond, but you’ll also be able to attract clients, generate leads, keep up with industry news and even scope out potential candidates for positions at your company!

Google Plus

Google plus allows you to create online relationships based on interests, professions or industries and will also allow you to arrange the users you connect with into ‘circles’ to keep things organised.

If you’re looking to promote your company online, you may also be interested to know that everything you post on the Google Plus network is instantly taken into account and indexed by Google, helping you rank higher in search engine results.


Instagram is one of the most frequently downloaded apps worldwide. Users love the visual updates – both from their friends and the brands they choose to follow.

In addition to photos, you also have captions to play with – allowing you to describe anything you want without the character limits as imposed by the likes of Twitter.

Whether you choose to post photos of your products, images that relate to your industry or even inspirational quotes and fun graphics, posting on Instagram will lead to higher engagement levels for your brand.

Do you have a business without a social media presence? If so, will you be looking to change that in the future? Don’t forget to let us know which site you’re planning on starting with and why!

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