Find Topics For Blogging: 5 Tools For Your Inspiration

5 tools to find blog topic

Find Topics For Blogging: 5 Tools For Your Inspiration

Blogging is a beautiful way to express your ideas to the world. If you are doing it well, you may be able to earn some money also. But many of us suffer from lack of topics or ideas for a blog, sometimes. We feel stuck with the same topic and finding something new which will generate page views, seems a difficult task. Continue reading this article on how to generate ideas for blogs to get some inspiration. These tools will allow you to be creative as well as trendy, by suggesting titles which are hot right now.

  1. Bottlenose  It provides social intelligence. You can use this excellent tool to analyse and find what is currently trending on the social media. Once you type your search query into the search bar, it provides real-time listings of your topic. It includes top trends, pictures, articles and much more. Going through this list, you will surely find inspiration about a topic which is also currently trending on the social media.                                    
  2. Write a blog post from customer questions- If you are stuck with a scarcity of ideas for your blog, you can go through your customers’ previous questions and comments. By analysing those questions and comments, you are surely going to find something relevant on which you can write an article. People may be asking many questions on your blogs thinking their question will be answered. So, writing answers to those questions is a win-win situation. Not only you will get some inspiration about a topic, but also, you are going to win hearts of your readers by providing those answers.
  3. Twitter chats-  Twitter chats are scheduled events on Twitter where users from all around the world get together to discuss and talk about a topic. As many conversations are happening around the fixed topic, it is also a great source for finding inspiration and ideas for your blogs. You can read all the tweets and decide how you are going to create an article around the topic of discussion.
  4. Quora questions- Quora is a fantastic questions and answers website platform, where users can ask questions about their doubts and interests. You only have to type a keyword in the search tab and Quora lists all relevant questions and answers related to your topic. These questions and answers can form a baseline for your website blog. Once you have enough understanding of a particular subject, you can try to incorporate that into your blog in the form of an article.
  5. Read blogs in your industry for ideas- For getting some insight and knowledge about topics which are interesting to your target audience, you can take a look at the other blogs in your industry. Reading articles from another blog may also provide inspiration not only about the topic, but also about how to write or organise information about that subject. So don’t hesitate to read other blogs and try to find inspiration about the topic you should write.
Blogging is simple; it is just not easy. Coming up with right topics is especially a challenge. But having the right knowledge, it can be a piece of cake. You only have to know where to look.

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