Facebook Are Rolling Out Facebook Stories: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Are Rolling Out Facebook Stories: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

You’ve probably already heard of Instagram Stories – but what about Facebook Stories? If that doesn’t sound familiar, it’s time to learn more about one of Facebook’s latest offerings in the form of Facebook Stories. Read on to learn what they are, what they can do and when you’ll be able to use them.

Snapchat, then Instagram, now Facebook?

Yes, the features are pretty similar – but once a new feature becomes a trend you can always expect other big names to create their own version.

Although Snapchat pioneered the ‘Stories’ concept, Instagram’s version has been just as popular, so it’s no surprise that Facebook is getting a piece of the action too.

What exactly are ‘Stories’?

If you’re unfamiliar, stories are visual content (photos or videos) that will appear for your friends to view for just 24 hours. After that, they disappear completely. It’s a way to share a moment without it being recorded forever on your profile.

How does Facebook Stories work?

Users can access Facebook Stories from within the Facebook app. At the top of the timeline page – just above the status bar – you’ll see circular photos of your friends. The ones with a blue circle them indicate that the person has a new story to be viewed. You’ll also be able to see and create your own stories.

Once you post a story, anyone on your friend’s list will be able to see its content – for just 24 hours. Then it will disappear as if it had never happened!

Didn’t Facebook already try this?

You may remember Facebook testing out a feature called ‘Quick Updates’ earlier last year, which was a very similar concept. However just a month after the feature was built and tested, Facebook announced they no longer planned to launch it.

We’ll never know exactly what happened to Quick Updates, but we’d bet the success of Snapchat and Instagram Stories has pushed them to create Facebook Stories to stay in the game and take advantage of a trending feature.

Excited to get started with Facebook Stories? You might have to wait a while.

Although the feature sounds great and many social media users and marketers will want to get started, so far Facebook Stories have only been rolled out in Ireland.

Irish users can currently use Facebook Stories via the iOS and Android Facebook apps. However, Facebook has plans to bring it to more countries during the coming months.

Are you excited for Facebook Stories to arrive in other parts of the world? Hopefully, it’ll be rolled out soon for everyone to enjoy. Share your thoughts on Facebook Stories below – we’d love to hear what you think of the idea!

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