Should You Be Using Pinterest More? Here Are A Few Reasons To Take It A Step Further

Should You Be Using Pinterest More? Here Are A Few Reasons To Take It A Step Further

Pinterest is an ever growing platform that allows both business and leisure users to get creative and put together their own customised boards. But there’s more to it than simply uploading pins (or repinning) and expecting your profile to attract followers.

This approach is the reason many people give up on Pinterest – as there are not as many opportunities for interaction as there are with Facebook or Twitter.

But take a look at the reasons you should consider taking Pinterest a step further. You may be surprised at what it could do for you and your business!

Pinterest is adapting with the times.

Pinterest as we know it is all about images – whether you upload them yourself or repin from other users. But in 2017, Pinterest will be pushing for video pins to gain popularity, giving you an opportunity to show video insights, product previews and ads.

You can improve your visibility to reach more users.

If a lack of interaction is the problem, you can try improving your visibility to reach more users. This can be done by adding more to your descriptions, using alt text, strategically positioning your boards, using hashtags and more.

The new Pinterest showcase feature can sShow off your best products.

We’ve previously blogged about the new Pinterest Showcase feature so you may have already tested it out. But if not, it’s time to start. This is the ideal way to show off some of your bestsellers and encourage users to click through to your website.s

You can use Pinterest to built an in-depth persona of your customers.

Through Pinterest Analytics, you can get a good insight of who your customers are and what they like, allowing you to cater to their needs in the future by uploading and pinning relevant content – in turn making your Pinterest account more successful.

You can reach local audiences.

Local businesses can reach audiences in their area through Pinterest by adding locations to their pins as well as additional information such as your business address, telephone number and opening hours.

There are even paid ads to consider.

Pinterest even offers paid ads, so go ahead and give them a try if you’re looking to give your Pinterest engagement a boost. It might be the starting point to a more successful profile.

If you’ve written off Pinterest without giving any of these a try, perhaps it’s time to give it another go while taking these ideas into account. You never know, they may be just what you need to kickstart your Pinterest campaign and take it to new levels as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Do you use Pinterest for business? If so, have you tried out any of the ideas listed above? Or if not, we’d love to know whether you’ll be giving Pinterest a try in the future.

Tell us all about your experiences in the comments section below!

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