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With most businesses going on air and marketing themselves online, companies need to know how to market their content strategically to get the maximum reach and build organic traffic and engagement. This calls for professionals who can handle and manage the strategy successfully to create a content marketing package tailored to the company’s needs. Such a package should be customized for the client’s unique needs in marketing, especially considering their objectives.

What is Content Marketing?

You must understand more about content marketing and how it can benefit your business. With the efflux of time, traditional marketing methods have become obsolete as newer technology has overhauled and shifted the marketing channels. Content marketing is an effective way of strategizing and creating valuable and relevant content about your business and its products to cater to a clearly defined audience and drive profitable sales.

These days, marketers are mostly abreast with the latest technologies in the digital space, so it is essential to effectively leverage the various content marketing opportunities. Content marketing majorly focuses on the following things:

  • Increased sales
  • Cost savings
  • Creating loyal customers who will stay with your brand
  • And using content to create and generate more profits, i.e. building a profit center

Content today is the main focus of every successful brand as this is the best and most effective way of communicating to the customers. This is why more and more messages and emails keep hovering on most people’s gadgets, and companies are trying to push their products into the digital space.

Today, Marketing Is Almost Impossible Without Amazing Content

No matter what strategy or marketing methods you use, content marketing should consist a significant part of your marketing process and should be treated with high regard in today’s day and age. Digital marketing of all forms needs effective content to survive.

Social Media Marketing: Creating a content marketing strategy is the first step and based on that, most companies form their social media marketing strategy. Social media is all about going viral, and content is the central part of that process.

SEO: Search engines are wired to rate content and bring businesses relevant traffic, which is the reward that an effective content marketing strategy can provide.

Public Relations: Most successful PR teams heavily bank on the kind of content the business produces in the digital space to build on the communication strategies and get customers on board.

Inbound Marketing: Content serves as an excellent base for driving inbound traffic and can generate a substantial number of leads for your business.

Content Strategy: A good content strategy needs an adequate content marketing base to succeed.

We love to keep our process simple. Simple, yet effective.


The process starts when you subscribe to your Socinova package. Checking out on the website hardly takes 5 mins.


You automatically get a questionnaire once you complete the payment. This is the info we'll need to get started.


We then create/optimise your social pages as per your preferences, and set up the analytics.


Your dedicated manager will then prepare the first set of content and share it with you for review.


Once we receive your feedback, we set up a regular feedback cycle and take social media off your hands!

Benefits of Content Marketing

A good content marketing strategy might seem a little too complex initially, but the benefits of the same are very useful in the long term. You might be intimidated by the investment needed for content marketing package. But when strategies are up and running, you can reap long-term benefits and ensure a great return on investment. The following benefits will surely get you interested in getting a content marketing package for your brand:

1. Amazing On-Site Content

This might seem like one of the most basic things. But with amazing on-site content, customers will be more engaged and probably come back for more after visiting your website once. With great content in hand, it becomes effortless to get higher conversion rates, and with relevant sources of information, customers always have a reason to come back.

2. Higher Rankings on Search Engines

A great content marketing strategy will allow search engines to give your website the recognition it needs to get organic traffic and be seen as one of the leaders in your industry. This doesn’t necessarily mean that having more pages on your website will drive more traffic. Instead, focusing on answering specific questions your customers might have can help you achieve higher rankings on search engines.

3. Higher Domain Authority

When you have quality content on your website, it can create more inbound links from several external sources, helping you grow your domain authority. Higher domain authority loosely translates into having higher search rankings, which means that the more quality content you produce, the more organic search visibility you will have.

4. More Referral Traffic

This is one of the best ways content marketing benefits your brand as you contribute to third-party sources and have backlinks to your site. This is a great counter-intuitive way of building more traffic to your website in the long run.

5. More Traffic From Social Media

Increasing the exposure of your content on social media can help you generate relevant traffic and also build followers and subscribers. This also allows your brand to market itself effectively to a greater audience and build on your customer base. It can again generate a passive source of income through brand deals and other such reward mechanisms on social media.

6. Higher Conversions on Website

The primary objective of a good content marketing package is to engage and inform your customers about the products and services that your brand provides. The information needs to be extremely relevant, and once that is taken care of, you can think of listing or pitching one of your products or services. This is a great way to tactfully turn your content and use the website for advertising and marketing your products.

7. Improved Brand Reputation

Content marketing can help improve your brand’s recognition and build a strong reputation as good content is an effective way to build trust and create meaningful relationships. More often than not, every brand has one prime focus: customer satisfaction. When your content answers your customers’ questions and concerns, they will rate your brand highly and stay loyal to your brand.

8. Good Reader Relationships

Good content is also a great way to introduce a sense of belonging to the customers and develop a more personal relationship. They will engage with the content that is available on your company’s website and want to buy more as they tend to rely on you more for information.

9. Universally Acceptable and Effective Utility

Every industry can benefit from a good content marketing strategy. For example, even the manufacturing industry heavily relies on content to become more reliable and approachable to the customers.

10. Decreased Marketing Costs and Compounding Effect

A good content marketing package is generally efficient in cost and timeline. It can create a compounding effect as existing content can be reused and work as a base for new content development, as long as the information provided is relevant.

More often than not, content marketing is an inexpensive and a safe investment. This is the in-thing in the marketing world today and you will probably always experience increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and passive sales sooner or later.

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Content Marketing Tips

With the growing number of netizens day by day and social media becoming a common household term across global markets and demographics, there is excellent potential in content marketing. This has become one of the most effective marketing methods, and content marketing is here to stay for as long as the digital space keeps thriving and growing.

1. Have a Clear and Measurable Goal

When building the fundamentals of a content marketing package, make sure that your business has a clear and measurable goal. Always focus on creating relevant and informative content and try to stand apart from the existing content online. Thus, it is essential to build on a clear and measurable goal to leverage every parameter in the digital media space and make your content compelling.

2. Know Your Audience

Suppose the final objective of your content marketing strategy is to build an audience and interact with them regularly. In that case, the first step is to understand your audience and who you’re catering your content towards. This gives you an understanding of what your audience expects from your brand in the respective industry you are working in.

3. Solve Problems Effectively

Almost every content marketing strategy revolves around the sole objective of solving a problem. Every person who visits your webpage wants to know something to solve a personal or professional problem. Your objective should not be to generate leads in the first phase of a visitor visiting your website but to give informative content to establish your brand as a trustworthy source of information online. Every content you deliver online should be tailored to solve a real-life problem and offer valuable resources to tackle those problems. Only then can you become a stop where visitors will want to come again and again.

4. Constantly Keep Following up With Analytics

It is essential to understand that quality content is not built in one day. Thus, you have to be wholly engaged with the process and keep following up with analytics to understand where your brand stands and whether your content is getting the reach it needs to get. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always focus on the number of followers you are getting or your readership; you must also regularly check the amount of conversions that your page has to offer and the number of returning visitors.

5. Consistency and Updated Content are a Must

It is essential to have content that is always up to date and not obsolete. Consistent content is the best way to grow organically and achieve higher rankings on search engines.

Following these above-mentioned tips will help your business reach the zenith that you are wishing for!

Wondering what you should expect?

Affordable Content Media Marketing Packages at Socinova

To tailor all our services for our clients, we’ve created various packages so that each client can choose a package that aligns with their organizational goals. We believe in mutual growth and offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

1. Starter Package

This package is best suited for smaller businesses and has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram included along with five high-quality branded posts on each platform per week. We offer profile optimization in this package and email support and require three months of commitment to show results. It is priced at $99 per month.

2. Regular Package 

Being priced at $199 per month, this package caters to all the social media platforms mentioned in the Starter package, along with Google My Business, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The number of posts provided is seven high-quality branded posts each week apart from YouTube. It also includes one promotional video and 24/7 analytics dashboard, and a dedicated account manager.

3. Plus Package

Get ahead of all your competitors with this package as we offer posts for all social media platforms mentioned in the Regular package, with seven high-quality branded posts on each forum and two promotional videos a month. Included are 1 SEO blog article per month and 1 Facebook campaign creation as well. We also provide a dedicated account manager and phone/skype support. This is priced at $299 per month.

4. Enterprise Package

Lastly, beat your competition in the market with this package at $399 per month, where all the features of the Plus package are included. Along with those, we will provide two branded Instagram photo stories per week, add another blog post a month and provide full control over your content creation and editing. This package also provides priority phone and skype support with a processing time of fewer than 24 hours. This tops all the other packages that Socinova has.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Content Marketing Packages

1. Why are traditional methods of content marketing dying out?

A. Traditional channels of supply have changed, and customers’ preferences have also become different. Today customers are far more aware of what they are purchasing, which has heavily impacted their buying patterns. Every customer today wants to be informed before buying. Therefore, digital methods of content marketing have helped businesses gain more success. Also, not to mention, they are cheaper.

2. Why is content marketing so important?

Content marketing is the heart of all digital marketing. To sustain in any industry with a heavy rise of competition, content marketing helps your brand stand out from the crowd and build your own identity. To cater to the unlimited queries that your customers may have, content marketing is a must! Without the right content and top methods of marketing, your business may fail to reach your target customers or answer the necessary queries. Therefore, content marketing is extremely important.

3. What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing helps in several ways, such as leads, higher conversion rates, sustainable business development, brand recognition, and increased reach and engagement. This makes content marketing extremely effective in the long run, and the law of compounding always applies to content marketing. Also, the innumerable queries of both your present and target customers are solved.

If you’re ready to get started on your business’ content marketing and are looking for an effective package, don’t look any further than Socinova!

Reviews from Facebook and Google

This is an expert team of social media and marketing professionals. Highly recommend for start up and small businesses that want to jump start their marketing efforts.
Renee Walker
Vedarth Deshpande and his team are very tremendous to work with! Very responsive to social media suggestions and recommendations and positively involves his clients in the process to provide the best quality service · ️
Meaza Orokii
Socinova is an excellent company. We’ve worked with them for over a year now and they have been very professional and their creative ads have generated our company hundreds of leads!!
I’ve been working with Socinova for only a few months now but have seen an increase in social media followers, likes, comments and most important…leads! They are highly responsive, professional and affordable. I highly recommend them!
Ronnie Fulton
Vedarth is wonderful to work with and has been great on many projects. He is able to deliver quality & communication.
Mark Connect
Vedarth as done a wonderful job accommodating my businesses needs. I would highly recommend this company’s services.
Sanatosha Sewar
I recommend Socianova to all my friends who say social media marketing is too hard to do while running a business! Premium work at affordable prices
Dannielle MacDonald
Vedarth & his team were fantastic to deal with! Highly recommend. Thanks for everything !
Emma McMahon
Professional, and knowledgeable. Always willing to help as much as possible to ensure your needs are met. Definintely would recommend to anyone.
Joshua Sunny Chuah
Vedarth as done a wonderful job accommodating my businesses needs. I would highly recommend this company’s services.
Dax Robinson
Great company! High quality posts and social media content. Always willing to help with a quick response time. Best value for the money for all social media needs that I have encountered.
Raffie Conca
Great Service, Reliable, Timely responses and reply, Always willing to work with you to fit all your needs. would recommend to anyone.
Alex Massa Jr.

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