How To Promote Your Products On Social Media Without Spamming Your Audience

Promote Your Products On Social Media

How To Promote Your Products On Social Media Without Spamming Your Audience

When it comes to brands on social media, users will be happy to follow you as long as your profile doesn’t read as one long advertisement. They want information that’s valuable, such as release dates, hints at upcoming products and tips on using what you offer.

But as a business, you’ll also want to use social media to show off everything you have on offer – including your current products and services. So how do you promote your current wares without it coming across as spam?

Post them – but always in moderation.

There is nothing wrong with posting your products to promote them on social media, but remember to do so in moderation. If it’s too much, it will give off the ‘spam’ vibe, and your profile won’t be seen as quality content.

Alternate your product promos with informative posts, tips, photos, videos and more – just to keep things interesting and valuable.

Don’t constantly post the same product or service.

If you keep posting the same product over and over again, people will soon lose interest. Keep things varied so your audience always has something new to consider. It will also prevent them from getting bored with the same old posts and unfollowing your page.

Use a designated area for promotion.

If you set aside a designated area for promoting your wares, you’ll be able to post as many as you want without bothering anyone!

This could be a Pinterest board purely for your own product pins or a designated tab within your Facebook page. You’ll be creating a place where people expect to see ads, and won’t see it as a form of spam. Just make sure that your posts in these sections don’t take over the rest of your feed.

Show the products in action, rather than just a stock photo.

A stock photo may be the best thing for your website, but it can seem boring and uninspired on social media. Show off a photo of your product in action – or even a customer photo showing what they’ve done with it. It will keep things interesting as well as promoting fan engagement.

Feature them as part of an article or post.

Mentioning your products in an informative article or post is an excellent way to subtly feature them without being ‘spammy’ at all. For example, if you sell computer hardware you may write an article on ‘Ten Hardware Upgrades to Make Your PC Faster’. The content is valuable, and you still get to promote what you’re selling.

By trying out these ideas and being mindful of what you’re posting, you’ll see that it’s possible to promote your products and services on social media without it coming off as nothing more than an ad.

Do you use social media to promote your products? How do your avoid spamming your audience? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments, so don’t be afraid to share!

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